September 28, 2020


My creative and professional writing and editorial services will:

  • put right the details you’ve learned to live with – or don’t have time for
  • ensure your print and digital communications are consistent and error-free
  • optimise tone of voice to best attract your target audience.


Regular blogposts drive traffic to your website, keep content up-to-date and improve your search engine rankings. I can write to your brief or come up with content myself. Either way I’ll produce posts that people actually want to read.

Book manuscripts

If the draft of your book is gathering dust in a drawer, then I can help you prepare it for sending to publishers or agents. I’ll correct spelling and grammar, or gently help you find your voice, honing your style and ironing out any inconsistencies.


From highly technical white papers through to popular psychology and marketing materials, I’ll ensure:

  • your message is communicated effectively
  • you and your company are presented in the best possible light
  • you use the right tone for your target audience.


Whether interpreting medical research for a non-scientific audience or arguing the case for Lovefilm v Netflix, I love researching new topics and finding the angle that best attracts – and keeps – your audience’s interest.  That way they’ll not only keep reading but come back for more.

Newsletters (print or digital)

I can help out as much – or as little – as you like. I’m as happy writing articles as I am copyediting or proofreading yours. Alternatively hand over the entire process and I’ll act as editor – originating ideas, commissioning articles, managing email lists and ensuring deadlines are met and distribution runs smoothly.


I’ll ensure your copy is well written and error-free. Website analysis suggests that a single spelling mistake can cut online sales in half, so when it comes to inspiring confidence in your audience, the devil really is in the detail.

Social Media

Social media is vital to modern marketing so, if you’re struggling to get to grips with it, I can help – by forming a sustainable strategy to optimise your Twitter,  Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.

Website Content

Usability expert Jakob Nielson coined the term ‘information foraging’ to describe how people use the web. In essence, you have fewer than ten seconds to convince visitors to your website that you have something to offer. I can produce the killer copy that engages with your audience and inspires confidence in you, your products and services – fast.